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My name is Jan D'Sa, Creative Director and Digital Content Editor currently based in the UAE. My aim is to provide peace of mind to clients by assisting them in written and visual content conceptualisation and development. I bring 18 years of strong communications expertise to both print and digital platforms, combined with an eye for design and detail. Raised in the UAE, I take pride in writing about this beautiful country both for my blog and for many clients in short form (an example is the Visit Dubai microsite for Dubai Food Festival 2017). I’m comfortable in researching and curating information while interviewing people for show daily stories. I’m also a designer and a photographer with a passion for creating short videos and photo essays. Lifestyle, culture and food are my main points of interest.

Dubai Tourism and Marketing (microsites), DFRE (festivals), Emirates Airline (publishing), Pfizer (internal communications), Glaxo SmithKline (marketing collateral), UAE Cancer Congress (show dailies), The Hotel Show (blog stories), various SMEs
Medical Expo and Archi Expo (magazine group based in France), Travel and Trade News (TTN), Jetwings Inflight, GOOD, Global Citizen, Prestige, Indian Trumpet, FRIDAY (Gulf News), Awakening, Telelife, Abu Dhabi Tempo
Studied Molecular Medicine in the UK; wrote a quirky travellogue for a book called Itinerant Indian; trained classical pianist and singer (which explains why I love photographing musicians and singers); mixed media artist; Creative Director of home-grown handcrafted accessories for men called Janys De; a secret techie.


Following are the latest digital content editor and event coverage projects that I've worked on.

Sectors at a Glance


I've worked with a number of government level boards and authorities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I welcome queries from tourism and culture authorities as well as publishing houses and trade shows organisers to work on social media content development, blogging, editing and similar roles on a long-term basis.

Digital Content Creation
From simple website content to complex microsites, I can help you put together the right content strategy, do the research and curation where necessary and write the content. With my eye for design, I can also suggest the right stock photographs and create graphics that go well with the content. I can also help you with generating ideas for your blog posts and newsletter content - having founded my own blog Travelartslife.com since 2011.
Digital Visual Content
As a designer and creative director, I can help you create compelling visual stories that go with your social media content strategy - from creating graphics to simple and short video scripts that your audience are looking for on instagram. This service goes hand in hand with the digital content creation service. Product and event photography services are also available on request.
I love interviewing people that I meet at conferences, festivals and trade shows - a handy capability for when I'm covering events for the purpose of writing up content for show dailies. From working on Emirates Airline's newspaper 'Safar' to DTCM's various festivals (Beach Canteen and Dubai Shopping Festival) and the show daily for the UAE Cancer Congress, I can help you with preparing content for the show dailies of various conference organisers as well as internal magazines.

Giving Back

Giving back is an inherent trait of very soul-centred entrepreneur. I've been privileged to use my writing and art skills for several CSR and sustainability projects. Here are some of them.

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Art Project with TieCON

Entrepreneurship in terms of outreach is one way that I’ve given back, through the arts. I’ve also done community events. This was a Community project with twist, where it was created with Zee Arts Community and TieCon. This was a chance to paint on 2 m x 2m canvas live. It was an eye opening […]

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Art in Secret

This project was a brainchild of Evolve Events and supported Mawaheb from Beautiful People. The open call to be a part of this project culminated in my creating two pieces of artwork. I’ve learnt that these two have been sold at the Art in Secret event. I also joined forces with my mum to create […]

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Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC)

Working with those who are abused is a subject that has been close to my heart. So, when the opportunity came to paint with children staying at the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) through Zee Arts Community, I jumped at the project. The outcome of the project was the joint artwork was part […]

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Office hours are 9am-5pm from Sunday to Thursday. I will reply to your emails within 24-36 hours. I look forward to helping you create authentic content that deeply connects with your audience.

TwoFour 54, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

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